Links to other Bradford related websites

Bradford shieldA good number of visitors find this site whilst searching for detail about the history of the city of Bradford or historic people with a Bradford connection.

A Google search is as good as any to identify specific topics but the following websites may be helpful to provide some background about the Bradford district and hopefully also encourage you to visit!

Bradford Tourist Information – comprehensive site with extensive links

Bronte country tourism – features not only Bradford but the surrounding Pennine districts

If you are seeking specific information about Bradford sports clubs then by all means contact the editor of this site, John Dewhirst by email [johnpdewhirst at geeeeeeemail dotttt commmm] or Twitter DM [@jpdewhirst] and he can put you in touch with people who may be able to assist.

The Wool City Rivals blog by John Dewhirst  has other features about the origins and history of Bradford sport, historic content and archive images featuring Bradford City as well as ad hoc book reviews. The site includes extensive detail about the origins of the Bradford City nickname and the various crests adopted by the club during its history. There are also links to other features about Bradford sport history published elsewhere.

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