Fall from the Top – the Wool City Rivals and the story of the City / Avenue rivalry, 1908-74

Plans for the next volume in the BANTAMSPAST HISTORY REVISITED series, WOOL CITY RIVALS are advanced and help is requested to bring the project to fruition.

The book features the twentieth century soccer rivalry of Bradford City and Bradford Park Avenue, continuing the story from LIFE AT THE TOP by the same author, John Dewhirst. There will be a high image content with a comprehensive selection of City and Avenue memorabilia, but in particular a large number of team and action photographs – a significant proportion of which will be in colour. Mindful of the fact that before too long the Wool City soccer rivalry will be forgotten and no longer part of living memory, this is the opportunity to record the past for posterity. Hence the appeal to anyone who has old City or Avenue relics or photographs that could be featured. Scrapbooks would also be appreciated.

Additionally, Bradford rugby memorabilia will be included in the book to provide a broader context to the soccer rivalry – old Northern as well as Bradford rugby photographs / memorabilia are therefore also wanted.

Please contact the author, John Dewhirst by em: books at bantamspast dot net or tweet @woolcityrivals

A good selection of items has already been accumulated and much of the narrative history is written but the objective is to be exhaustive in the search for old memorabilia and archive content. The book will require considerable artwork and design which will ultimately determine the publication date. Further details will be provided on the BANTAMSPAST website where you can find details about other books in the HISTORY REVISITED series

John Dewhirst

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